Technical Information

a floor area (24-35)
24 Total gross floor area High bay storage: 1800 m² (one floor, 18 m high); administrative/house technology part: 2800 m² (4 floors)
divided into
25 Open access services Reading room (8 seats)
special rooms for (26-29)
26 Audiovisual NA
27 Computers NA, WLAN throughout
28 Special collections NA
29 Seminar room(s) Meeting hall, 36 to 45 seats.
special activities (30-32)
30 Exhibition space NA
31 Lecture hall NA
32 Public refreshments NA
33 Administration and staff areas Director´s office, administration, librarian, space for picking books out of CHYBÍ
34 Closed access stacks High bay storage 1'800 m², one floor.
35 Circulations areas (corridors, stairs, lifts), toilets, technical rooms, etc. Corridors, lifts, staircases: 730 m², toilets/wardrobes: 60 m², house technology: 300 m², picking areas: 16 m², spare space: 450 m².
36 Further information Administrative area: ground floor (reading room, wardrobes and toilets, 3 delivery bays), 1st floor (conference room, administration, picking area, wardrobes and toilets, house technology)
37 Number of reader seats (total) 8
divided into
38 Audiovisual NA
39 Computers NA
40 Seminar room(s) NA
41 Regular NA
b total potential capacity of shelving
42 Books and periodicals (total) 3100000 volumes [3100000 items (first module; construction of 3 more modules is possible on the site).]
43 Open access stacks NA
44 Closed access stacks 3100000 volumes
45 Compact shelving NA
46 Audiovisual materials NA
47 Other NA
48 Number of staff required to operate the new library 7 [6,9 FTE]
c mechanical features
49 Ventilation/Air Conditioning Administrative area: controlled ventilation. High bay storage area: no ventilation (apart from the very efficient ventilation through the DOPSAT!
50 Heating Through a heat pump
51 Lighting LED (according to Swiss standard 'Minergie', SIA 380/4)
52 Acoustics Administrative area: according to Swiss norms; high bay storage area: no measures.
53 Lifts, elevators, escalators Elevator for persons, elevator for heavy loads
54 Book transportation system High bay storage area: fully automated storage facility, books stored in boxes that are transported and stored by robots
55 Theft detection Storage area has an entry alarm because of the reduced oxygen and the moving robots that doubles as theft detection
56 Building management system Building automation system
57 Type of IT infrastructure WLAN
58 Other Oxygen reduction through the infusion of nitrogen