The New Building

a architect(s)
18 Firm htsA, Ing. arch. Ivo Herman, Ing. arch. Aleš Tomášek, Robert Seidl, Letenské náměstí 3, Praha
19 Project Architect Ing. arch. Ivo Herman, Ing. arch. Aleš Tomášek, Robert Seidl
20 Type of project new building
b aims of the new building
21 Short description of the main objectives and purposes of the project The main objective is to build, at one place, a modern library with complex services that reflect all readers´ needs. We want to offer maximum of our documents in an open access storage, more study capacity for learning as well as relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere. We would like to provide the public with a range of cultural and educational activities. The new library should become a meeting point and the centre of free-time activities during our extended working hours.
The vision is to build an open institution that offers wide range of services and that is a constantly developing unit bringing more information, cultural and educational opportunities to the public in our region. We will offer place for meetings of all kinds, we will enable access to a large fund of documents and new information technologies.
The main support will be brought by our professional staff. We will create a modern institution which meets the highest demands of our funder - the Highlands Region.
Slogan: Library - the most important place in your life.
c special features
22 Site Construction property for the new building lies near the centre of Havlickuv Brod and is currently used by a local County Hospital.
23 Architecture The new building is going to be a completely new construction. In its bottom part there is a street - a natural pathway from the centre. The level of this street creates a pre-entrance space followed by staff entrance leading to the lower floor.

The building is a 2-storey construction, partly placed underground and with a green roof. From the outside the building is formed by three glass walls: by southern side 2-storey façade with the main entrance, western side 2–storey façade with the staff /service entrance as well as garage gate, and the northern side1-storey façade office part of the building and a set of skylights in the green roof.

This concept limits the length of facades to an accessible scale - there are quite small houses in the library surroundings. It also minimizes heating loss, heating demands and the running costs as well as demands for other technical equipment.

Facades enable view overlooking the main reading space. Glass walls are possible to open and together with the skylights they allow natural ventilation in all directions.
Ground plan is in the shape of uneven trapezium.

After entering the building, visitor passes cafeteria and comes to the entrance hall with public PC area. The entrance hall serves also as an exhibition space. Light comes to this area through an opening in the upper floor. In the entrance hall there are educational rooms as well as lavatories and a cloakroom. To the western side of the building there is a garage on the ground floor and a technical room with a book stock.

Open access book space as well as offices are located on the upper floor – all area is evenly illuminated by natural lighting.
Offices are separated from the rest of the area by bookshelves and a glass wall. Despite the fact that the building itself is covered by soil from most sides, visitors have a visual contact with surrounding area from the upper floor too. Open free booking space is divided by a block of lavatories into eastern-busier and western-quieter part. This also affected librarian fund divisions.
The farthest part is a quiet study room.