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General Information

a name and address
1 Type of library university [University Of Applied Sciences]
2 Name of library / Name of mother institution Hochschulbibliothek, Haus Tista Murk / Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
3 Address Turbinenstrasse 2
4 Phone / Fax / Email 41-58 934 75 00
5 Name of the director of the library Dr. Wolfgang Giella
6 Contact person for enquiries Wolfgang Giella
41-58 934 65 87
b population served
7 Current readership, number of registered readers 10056 [only for Winterthur in 2014, the ZHAW Library counts 15 873 users in 2014]
8 Number of full time students 8517 [only for Winterthur in 2014 and without the students of further education]
9 Number of part time students 3000 [estimate for Winterthur]
10 Number of staff in institution 2984 [the whole ZHAW]
c the old/original building(s)
11 Total floor area 6320 sq. metres
12 Number of reader seats 744
13 Total capacity of shelving 160000 volumes
14 …in open access storage 140000 volumes
15 …in closed access stacks 40000 volumes
16 Number of library staff 17 [only for the Library in Winterthur]
17 Opening hours to the public 53 in 5 weekdays

The New Building

a architect(s)
18 Firm P&B Partner Architekten
19 Project Architect Hochbauamt des Kantons Zürich (Building office of the Zurich Canton)
20 Type of project (Rebuilding of an historical industrial building)
b aims of the new building
21 Short description of the main objectives and purposes of the project Close the five old small library locations in Winterthur.
Provide new services for the students and the scientists.
Extend the number of reader seats, workplaces and group rooms.
Create a learning landscape with an activity-based conception of more than 1700 square meters.
c special features
22 Site The new library is situated near by the Winterthur central station.
Currently the schools are in the distance from about 220 to about 800 meters to the library.
23 Architecture 1. Rectangle plan of 100 x 16 m, complemented with a convex additional element of 100 x maximal 20 m, 20 m high.
2. Red Eternit (cement asbestos) shingles as historical built volumes today red shngles without cement asbestos of equal form, Curtainwall-construction.
3. House-in-house-construction
4. Reduced energy costs standard
5. Disabled access
6. Listed building

Technical Information

24 Total gross floor area 6320 sq. metres
divided into
25 Open access services 5792 sq. metres
special rooms for (26-29)
26 Audiovisual
27 Computers
28 Special collections
29 Seminar room(s)
special activities (30-32)
30 Exhibition space 60 sq. metres
31 Lecture hall 40 sq. metres
32 Public refreshments 382 sq. metres
33 Administration and staff areas 528 sq. metres
34 Closed access stacks
35 Circulations areas (corridors, stairs, lifts), toilets, technical rooms, etc. 1300 sq. metres
36 Further information 3 levels, 4 mezzanines
37 Number of reader seats (total) 744
divided into
38 Audiovisual 113
39 Computers 40
40 Seminar room(s) 13 [4 group rooms small for 4 persons = 16
8 group rooms large for 8 persons = 64]
41 Regular 511
b total potential capacity of shelving
42 Books and periodicals (total) 133500 volumes
43 Open access stacks 120000 volumes
44 Closed access stacks 5000 volumes
45 Compact shelving 5000 volumes
46 Audiovisual materials 1800 volumes
47 Other 1700 volumes
48 Number of staff required to operate the new library 17
c mechanical features
49 Ventilation/Air Conditioning HVAC-System Climotion
50 Heating HVAC-System Climotion
51 Lighting LED Spotlight
Desk Lamps
52 Acoustics Acoustic panels on the ceiling
Synthetic caoutchouk ground
53 Lifts, elevators, escalators 3 Lifts
54 Book transportation system none
55 Theft detection RFID
56 Building management system Various systems
57 Type of IT infrastructure
58 Other Selfcheck and sorter by InfoMedis
Self pickup system

Schedule Of The Building Process

59 Planning, preliminary brief January 2011
60 Architectural competition ---
61 Period of project November 2011
62 Opening of the construction work January 2013
63 Conclusion of the construction 3 Years
64 Furnishing and moving the collections November 2014 - January 2015
65 Opening of the new building for public February 2015

Costs (Including Taxes)

66 Site
67 Building 30000000 euro [estimated]
68 Furniture and equipment 5500000 euro [estimated]
69 Fees
70 Total
71 Operating costs
72 Funding (Type of commission and source of funding) The costs are not exactly known because the whole project was realized by a public-private-partnership with a private investment company.

Publications & Awards

Eine neue Lern- und Servicebibliothek entsteht
Authors: Giella, Wolfgang; Jennifer Konkol
in: Arbido 4, 2014 p. 32-34. Web.pdf
Authors: Giella, Wolfgang; Jennifer Konkol, Fabienne Schanné
in: Neue Lern- und Arbeitswelten, RBS Group Brochure, Munich 2015, S. 43-47

Plans & Photos

doctype: plan
caption: Plans of the Winterthur University Library of ZHAW
copyright owner: P&B Partner Architekten AG, Winterthur
doctype: interior
caption: Learning Landscape
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: interior
caption: Main Stairs inside the Library
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: interior
caption: Learning Landscape Group Work Zone
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: interior
caption: Inside of Group Work Room
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: interior
caption: Learning Landscape: Group Work Rooms
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: exterior
caption: Back of the building
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: exterior
caption: The front side of the building
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: exterior
caption: One of two roof terraces
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: interior
caption: Workingspace inside the library
copyright owner: ZHAW
doctype: plan PDF document
caption: Plan of the equipment of the Learning Landscape
copyright owner: Chevalier Glaser ZHAW
doctype: plan
caption: Digital virtual information system of the building
copyright owner: ZHAW and Mapongo
doctype: plan PDF document
caption: ZHAW University Library Winterthur
copyright owner: P & B Partner Architekten AG