Technical Information

a floor area (24-35)
24 Total gross floor area 1404360 sq. metres
divided into
25 Open access services 5060 sq. metres
special rooms for (26-29)
26 Audiovisual 58 sq. metres
27 Computers 150 sq. metres [Seminar rooms with computers, IT laboratory, a room for 3D printing service, special needs laboratory, etc.]
28 Special collections
29 Seminar room(s) 404 sq. metres [Group study rooms (5), seminar rooms (6), individual study rooms (37).]
special activities (30-32)
30 Exhibition space 150 sq. metres [Including spaces designated for other purposes.]
31 Lecture hall 459 sq. metres [Conference Hall (the possibility to divide to 3 different areas); Hall for Events (C block).]
32 Public refreshments 155 sq. metres [Cafe]
33 Administration and staff areas 700 sq. metres
34 Closed access stacks 2652 sq. metres [Book storage]
35 Circulations areas (corridors, stairs, lifts), toilets, technical rooms, etc. 4300 sq. metres [Including technical floor, plaza of the library, terrace.]
36 Further information A block – 5 levels, B block – 4 levels (both blocks are designated to the public); C block (for administration) -3 levels. Underground - 2 floors.
37 Number of reader seats (total) 1060
divided into
38 Audiovisual 8 [IT laboratory]
39 Computers 165 [Including computers in seminars and individual rooms.]
40 Seminar room(s) 468 [Seminar rooms – 103
Group study rooms – 25
Conference Hall – 250
Hall for Events – 90 seats]
41 Regular 525
b total potential capacity of shelving
42 Books and periodicals (total) 2100000 volumes
43 Open access stacks 300000 volumes
44 Closed access stacks 1800000 volumes
45 Compact shelving 12232 linear metres
46 Audiovisual materials
47 Other
48 Number of staff required to operate the new library 60
c mechanical features
49 Ventilation/Air Conditioning VRV ”variable refrigerant volume“ system. Climate control system in the depository.
50 Heating District heating + VRV “variable refrigerant volume“ system.
51 Lighting LED Lighting. Energy-saving fluorescent lamps and halogen lighting.
52 Acoustics Acoustic gypsum board in the reading rooms, individual work spaces, classrooms and Conference hall.
53 Lifts, elevators, escalators 4 public lifts and 2 lifts for the staff use.
54 Book transportation system Equipment (self-issue and self-return machines, books elevator, books sorter, 45 books containers, rails, transportation stations, switches) based on RFID technologies.
55 Theft detection Integrated security management and access control systems. RFID tags for books in open stacks, video cameras.
56 Building management system Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electric power control, fire alarm system, etc.
57 Type of IT infrastructure Gigabit ethernet; multimode fibre SFP; STP Cat6; H3C/HP switches; 56 pcs. HP wireless AP with Access controller; 802.11 a/b/g/n.
58 Other High-pressure water mist fire suppression system,
diesel generator.