The New Building

a architect(s)
18 Firm Gunnar Birkerts Architects; Modra Gelza Birojs; Gelzis-Smits-Arhetips; Hill Interanational.
19 Project Architect Gunnar Birkerts
20 Type of project new building
b aims of the new building
21 Short description of the main objectives and purposes of the project Six buildings under one roof, more space for readers, individual and group study rooms, dining and other amenities, barrier-free environment for disabled, increased shelving space, incl. open stacks, environment more suitable for material preservation, new ICT and audiovisual equipment, conference, seminar, exhibition facilities.
c special features
22 Site Situated on a river bank, facing the historical city centre.
23 Architecture The building references several Latvian folklore and literary archetypes – the mythical palace that embodies knowledge and freedom, the glass mountain that symbolizes the hardships one has to overcome to reach his goal, and the shape of the traditional barn architecture. Separate technical building.