Technical Information

a floor area (24-35)
24 Total gross floor area 5 000 m²
divided into
25 Open access services Open space library. Separated rooms: reading room for PhD-students; reading room; 3 group study rooms.
special rooms for (26-29)
26 Audiovisual N/A
27 Computers 18 places (not in a separated room)
28 Special collections N/A
29 Seminar room(s) Several in the building, but none in the library
special activities (30-32)
30 Exhibition space N/A
31 Lecture hall Several in the building, but none in the library
32 Public refreshments Cafeteria and canteen at the ground floor (outside of the library)
33 Administration and staff areas N/A
34 Closed access stacks N/A
35 Circulations areas (corridors, stairs, lifts), toilets, technical rooms, etc. Whole building with 5 staircases; library only accessible via the main staircase., 2 lifts. Toilets in the library. Technical rooms in the minor floors of the building.
36 Further information 6 levels; library on the first floor; 2nd to 4th floor: offices and seminar rooms of the university; basement and ground floor: lecture rooms, cafeteria, canteen, post office, etc.
37 Number of reader seats (total) 670
divided into
38 Audiovisual N/A
39 Computers 18
40 Seminar room(s) 3 study rooms
41 Regular Approx. 640
b total potential capacity of shelving
42 Books and periodicals (total) 300 000 volumes
43 Open access stacks 300 000 volumes
44 Closed access stacks 0
45 Compact shelving 0
46 Audiovisual materials 400 volumes
47 Other 0
48 Number of staff required to operate the new library 23
c mechanical features
49 Ventilation/Air Conditioning Ventilation only - no air conditioning
50 Heating Ventilation
51 Lighting Ceiling lighting; some of the reader places with individual lighting
52 Acoustics Reading areas with baffles.
53 Lifts, elevators, escalators Situated on the first floor, the library is accessible via a stairway or a lift.
54 Book transportation system N/A
55 Theft detection RFID
56 Building management system For the whole building operated by the facility management of the university.
57 Type of IT infrastructure Multimedia 8, cat. 7; 1Gbit/s
58 Other